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A Celebration Baptism

Baptism Celebration

Today we have started Lindsay on her Christian journey. God has touched her with his Love and given her a place among his people. God promises to be with her in joy and sorrow, to be her guide in life, and to bring her safely to heaven.

In baptism God invites us on a life-long journey. Together with all God’s people Lindsay will explore the way of Jesus and grow in her friendship with God, in the love for his people, and in serving others.


Baptisms at St Mary’s

St Marys Baptism

We celebrated four full immersion Baptisms today with both St Mary’s and the Nepalese Yahweh Church joining together for this special event. It was really great to see so many coming together in worship and to witness this important step in their Christian journey.

What exactly is Baptism?

Baptism is a response to God’s love – a desire and a commitment to respond to God’s call to follow the example of Jesus Christ. It is also a celebration, a time to come together with family and friends; remembering that you are loved by God, are part of a wider community and have a place with God’s people.

Here are a small selection of photos from the day.

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Baptism of Lily Grace Tillett

Baptism at St Mary's

On Sunday 8th March the Baptism of Lily Grace Tillett took place at St Mary’s.

It was lovely to see so many of their friends and family joining with our Church family to celebrate this wonderful occasion.
Baptism of Lily Tillett at St Mary's

We welcome you into God’s family Lily.