Listen Again

Listen Again is where you can listen to previous sermons and talks. Listen to a sermon by clicking on the link in the description of the talk. The talks are in MP3 format files. Depending on your browser settings you may find one or two different things happen:

  • the browser will start a new page with a media player and start playing the talk
  • a different program may be started by the browser to play the file; for example Windows Media Player or Quicktime player.
  • a dialogue will open asking you if you’d like to save the file or open it with a program.

Commonly used browsers; Firefox, Explorer, Opera, Safari and Chrome all allow you to right click on the link for a list of options (save, play, opening with a non-default program etc).

You can copy the file to your MP3 player, and listen again to St Mary’s sermons whenever or wherever you wish.

The Kingdom of Heaven

July 30, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Matthew 13:31-33,44-52 |

Jesus Uncensored

June 25, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Matthew 10:24-39 |

Invited to Participate

June 18, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Matthew 9:35-10:23 |

We believe – One, holy, catholic and apostolic Church

June 11, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Matthew 28:16-20 |


We believe – crucified, risen and ascended

May 28, 2017 ()

Bible Text: John 17:1-11 |


Affiliation of St. Mary’s Nursery with Diocese of Guildford

May 25, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Matthew 18:1-4 |

We believe – Fully God and fully human

May 21, 2017 ()

Bible Text: John 14:15-21 |


We believe – God the Father

May 14, 2017 ()

Bible Text: John 14:1-14 |


The Resurrection Story

April 30, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Acts 2: 36-41 |